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Svanstedt about the success in the US – “Great fun “

Last week was a grand slam for Svanstedt Stables, winning four big races.

Resolve won his first start since returning to the United States after finishing second in the Elitlopp. Åke is now hoping for an invitation to the World Cup race in the fall.

– He raced really well and his next start will be in a couple weeks at Yonkers in an overnight race, says Svanstedt.

The stake season in the US is now in full swing and it will only get more hectic from here. The first few months of the season has been outstanding and the best so far for Svanstedt since moving to the United States three years ago.

– The horses are racing well and last week the stable made $ 400,000.  It can be hard at this time a year with races nearly every day and often at multiple tracks on the same day, but it is fun. Then it gets very exciting when the two year olds start racing, says Svanstedt. Friday evening we have five 2-year-olds making their debut at the Meadowlands.

– We qualified eleven 2-year-olds last Saturday and will qualify another ten on Saturday, he said.

The direct flight overseas worked well”

So far this year the horses in Svanstedt’s Stable has made about $1.16 million. Resolve’s first start since the Elitlopp was last Friday at the Meadowlands when he won the Arthur J. Cutler Memorial. The victory came after racing wire to wire in 1.52.2 for a purse of $ 200,000

– Resolve was great and felt as good as he did before traveling overseas. He has not trained much either and has taken it easy since being back home. He jogged some and just trained a few fast miles.

– I’m glad he did so well after being in Sweden. This shows that a direct flight wasn’t as hard on the horses. Both Pinkman and Resolve raced well immediately after they come home again, says Svanstedt.

And adds:

– Many are afraid that the horses will take a beating and not compete well after making such a trip to Europe, that it might destroy the rest of their racing season. But this time it didn’t do that. It will be a direct flight again next year, so maybe more people will be interested in going.

Where and when will Resolve’s next start be?

– He has no big races until Hambletonian Day on August 6th. Therefore I intend to race him in an overnight race at Yonkers two weeks from now. Yonkers has a race every Saturday with a purse of $ 40 000. So we might make one or two starts there. – I hope he gets invited to the World Cup race there later this fall. This will be a good way to see how he handles the racetrack and its tight turns.

Won three major races for three year olds

The weekend before Resolve won was a grand slam for Svanstedt in two major three year old races. Dante and Non Stick each won their final of the Empire Breeders Classic at Vernon Downs. Each winner taking home just over $ 100, 000.

– Both Dante and Non Stick raced great. Dante is a completely different horse this year compare to last year. He was hot-tempered and awkward and had problems trotting in the turns. This year he has raced well in all his starts. He also won the Dexter Cup back in May and his earnings so far this year is over $ 200,000, says Svanstedt.

– Non Stick has won all of her races but one, and that was two starts back. She was not quite a hundred percent and had a throat infection. She was healthy in the final and proved that she is a really nice horse.

Under vigorous development”

Another big victory for Svanstedt came last Sunday when he steered the Royal Harry to a win in the NY Sire Stakes at Buffalo Raceway. He got to the front in the first turn and won easily making over $ 30,000.

– The Royal Harry is nice horse too. He is a large horse and he has taken his time, but is developing very nicely, says Svanstedt.


Michael Carlsson, Kanal 75