Result for 2015




2 years old Explosive.



 Just finished a conversation with a good friend in Sweden, he told me that it was cold, 23 degrees celsius below zero.
I was asked about homesick? Answer: No!
I miss of course friends and family in Sweden but we really enjoy our life in United States and we have a pleasant climate all year round.
After 2 years of challenges and concerns with all that moving and starting a business in a new country means, I think it feels now much safer and stable to kick off year No. 3.
 We have 33 nice two-year-old horses which so far looks good. If I may compare my two last years horses at this point with this year I think it’s look good.
Three year old horses had a short rest but winter training is now in full swing.
I am satisfied with the result for 2015 . But I want to raise them even more.
522 starts.  102 – 73 –  55. $ 3,503,475 and 8th place in the trainer league.
I have my goals for 2016 but they do I keep for myself.
 This year’s Elitlopp at Solvalla may get a boost if it becomes reality with a direct flights from the United States to Sweden and back again.
I know that many trainers and drivers want go to Elitlopp at Solvalla Raceway  to experience that fantastic  weekend.
But what made them hesitant is that the journey is too demanding for the horses that they become tired and then not perform so good.
If the arrangement with a direct flight becomes reality, it will be a boost for the sport and the audience.


Best Regards

Åke Svanstedt