Resolve won the final of the Maple Leaf Trot





Yesterday I had a day off from racing which is very unusual at this time a year. Otherwise we are pretty much racing very day. It was nice to have the opportunity to relax and spend same time with the family.

We are looking back at a fantastic weekend as Reslove won the final of the Maple Leaf Trot at Mohawk, Canada. His performance was awesome and his instinct for winning is absolutely unbelievable. To beat Hannelore Hanover despite racing on the outside was impressive.

I really hope Reslove will get an invitation to the International Trot at Yonkers on October 15th.

During a few weeks in July and August the horses preformed very unevenly, but I think they are racing better now and are much more consistent. Many of our 2 year olds have raced good while some still need additional time to develop. So far this year the stable have 453 starts, 80 wins and earned over 2.8 million dollars.

I visited Hanover Shoe Farm last week and also got to see the world record holder Sebastian K.

It was great seeing him again and it looks like he’s enjoying life as a breeding stallion.

We are leaving for Lexington, KY in the beginning of next week. It will be a couple of weeks of racing at The Red Mile and 5 days of yearling sales. This year we will be bringing about 18 horse to race. Over 600 trotting and pacing yearlings are entered in the upcoming sale.

The sales starts on October 4.

I bought five yearling last Sunday at the sale in Goshen, NY. Some of them will have shares available for sale. If you are interested please contact us. You will find our contact information on this website.

The following horses were purchased:

On The Ropes (h. e. Chapter Seven-RS Giggles) 40 000 dollar.
Natalie Hanover (s. e. Chapter Seven-Nanticoke Hanover) 22 000 dollar.
Gerken Hanover (h. e. Russell Hanover-Guthrie Hanover) 7 500 dollar.
Python Blue Chip (s. e. Roll With Joe-Fancy Creek Funny) 34 000 dollar.
Candlemas Hanover (h. e. Art Major-Cinergy Hanover) 9 000 dollar.


Best Regards, Åke Svanstedt