“He raced phenomenal”


A week from today, Tuesday May 24, Resolve will be in Sweden. It’s about a 10 hour flight. We are very excited to be going home and participate in this year’s Elitlopp. I hope he will perform very good and I’m not concernd if he were to race two heats the same day.
Alot of people have had opinions regarding Reslove’s race at The Meadowlands last weekend. But if you ask me, I think he raced phenomanal. He put in a great efford despite the heavy wind
coming into the stretch.
Went the first quarter in 27.2, the 1/2 in 54.4, 3/4 in 1:23.1 and finished the mile in 1:51.2. We got DQ and placed last due to going inside 3 pylons in the last turn. Which I find a little harsh, but rules are rules.The season has started pretty good with 3 yr old Dante winning the Dexter Cup at Freehold for a purse of $140,800.00. Crescent Fashion won his first race of the season at Yonkers last week.
He brooke a 23 year old track record for a 1 1/4 mile in 2:25.4. The staking season has now officially started and we are looking forward to see how our 3 year old’s are going to compete.Some of our 2 year olds will be ready to qualify in a few weeks. As aways, it will be exiting and interesting to see how they will behave.

Best Regards,
Åke Svanstedt