Team Svanstedt

In October 2013, me and my family moved from Sweden to Florida in the United States. After some years on the top in Swedish harnessracing, it felt right to turn the page and try a new challenge.
Which we do not regret.

From November to April we are at Palema Trotting. It’s a fantastic facility that has everything.Then in April, moving the team up to New Jersey for the race season.

In January 2014 we bought a farm and training camp in Wrightstown, New Jersey. This was due partly to the fact that most horse races are in the northeastern United States, such as New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and in Canada. At Legend Farms there is both a round and a straight track that will afford the best possible conditioning for them, plus many big paddocks. We feel that this is the perfect training camp for our horses to be prepared to excel in all of the upcoming Stakes races.

Would You like to leave Your horse in our training? Don’t hesitate to contact Us today!

Palema Trotting

  • 5/8 mile round track
  • 900 meter straight track
  • 1500 meter jogging track
  • Underwater treadmill
  • 108 stalls
  • 40 paddock
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Get more info about Palema Trotting on their webpage

Legend Farm

A classic horse farm and training camp in Wrightstown, NJ, where stars like Varenne, Scarlet Knight and Glidemaster has been stabled.

  • 5/8 mile round track
  • 1200 meter straight track rail
  • 600 meter straight track with uphill
  • 3000 meter jogging track
  • 88 stalls
  • 46 paddocks
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